ACES International (AI) provides professional and program development services. We strive to create effective learning environments by providing broad support in Global Engagement, International Learning Experiences, Professional Growth, and Program Development.

AI is dedicated to supporting and facilitating global learning initiatives for educators and students. Our mission is to promote international understanding, global citizenship and intercultural learning through real-world experience and professional growth.

We provide broad learning opportunities for scholars and educators who seek to add an international dimension to teaching, learning, and programs of study.

Global engagement helps ACES further its own teaching, growth, research, and outreach missions to support the region and international network of affiliates. International partnerships support our goal to be innovators in the field of education.

Please visit the attached pages and the following links to learn about our newest initiative:  International Student Enrollment at ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven welcoming students from around the world to study academics and the arts in a professional college-like setting.

ACES ECA International Admissions Pamphlet

Welcoming International Students to ACES ECA

ACES ECA Application for International Enrollment 2017-18

Important Information for Completion by International Families


ACES International Pamphlet

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