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ACES ECA International Admissions Pamphlet

Advanced learning for high school students

The Educational Center for the Arts

ECA is located in the heart of New Haven's Arts community
and the Yale University campus in Connectict, USA

ECA connects the Arts and Academic courses to world cultures through its hands-on courses and global projects.  ECA nurtures student learning at an honors level for advanced college preparation.  We pride ourselves on an enjoyable, engaging educational experience for our students.

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Academic Program

Arts Program



The sucess of our ECA students is simple -
We know that students flourish when creativity drives learning.

ECA is more than a school, it's a haven for motivated, intelligent, and diverse students.  ECA is a teacher-mentored experience, with infinite opportunities to advance oneself.  It's an environment that is magnetic, bustling with energy and excitemement each day.  Students are happy and invigorated to be here, just as much as the staff are!

We use the arts and academics as a vehicle to further individual skills of innovation, problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.  Our students find greater success in college and in life after high school.  Why?

They are well-prepared by ECA and ready.

We use the learning environment and curriculum to advance empathy, voice, self-esteem, and global citizenry.  We embrace the arts to develop confident, successful leaders and thinkers.  We value academics because it is the necessary gateway to achieve in a lifelong pursuit of learning.

At ECA you will find that students feel safe in their learning, willing to take risks.  Students are encouraged and supported by our professional


teachers and staff.  We highlight failure as an opportunity to problem-solve, so we may build upon one's success from it - It is more of the process than the product that we grow from.  We prioritize the individual and this is the essential framework for learning at ECA.  Students find gread pride in their school community and it is because they value and recognize the importance of their experience here at the Educational Center for the Arts.  Your student succeeds because we believe that,

It is our responsibility to prepare our children for their world.

-ACES ECA Director, Jason Hiruo

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