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Admissions Policy

Our students are motivated for opportunity, progressive in their thinking, and creative in their instincts. They are encouraged to become expansive in their dreaming, determined in their work, collaborative in their teamwork, and humble in their progress. They learn to be ambassadors of their environments and to be as diverse as the world around them. We are a progressive school model, serving Connecticut students, but we are also committed to attracting a diverse student population with representatives from a range of nationalities, economic backgrounds, and cultures. We see ourselves as a global school with a local community influence. ECA is a school community dedicated to nurturing innovative excellence, creativity, originality, and compassion within its student body. Our admission team looks for students who are willing to grow, prepared to handle a rigorous academic program that must balance academics and arts; and that embodies high expectations. We seek to bring together a group of bright, broadly-talented students, and we will help them to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and culturally.

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A qualified student is one who is likely to find success in our schools' advanced arts curriculum that engages students at a university and conservatory-preparatory level. For international students, this is dependent upon the applicant's age and course level they are at currently. This determination is made by the ECA team through a variety of means, including a review of official school records, interview, demonstration of one's arts background, standardized assessments, and other evaluative procedures. We are looking for students who will bring unique qualities to the departments of ECA. We look for international students who distinguish themselves through their potential, their individuality, their academic record, and their performance on the various components of our admission process. ECA does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin in the administration of our admission policy.


ECA has five department majors in high school grades 9-12:Student showing off art work

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Creative Writing
  • Visual Arts

International students are encouraged to apply for any grade, and will be considered if spaces become available. Spaces are limited in each department. Families are encouraged to contact the admission office to see if we expect to have openings for each application season.

Eligibility Requirements:
Connecticut and International students are both eligible to apply to ECA. While the majority of our students will be from Connecticut, we recognize the tremendous advantages of a diverse student body to enhance global understanding of all students. Our Connecticut students will gain greater international awareness through this diversity and our foreign nationals will come to understand and appreciate the culture and language of their host country.

International applicants who enter ECA will need to exhibit an appropriate level of competence in English in order to transition into the relevant grade of our arts curriculum.

International applicants to Grades 11 and 12 must exhibit willingness and appropriate dedication to transition smoothly into the stages of college readiness.

Application Requirements and Deadlines:
In order to be considered for admission to ECA, international students must submit a completed application, including the requirements listed below, by the application deadline. Please see our section on How to Apply for more specific application instructions.

  • Admission Application
  • Non-refundable Application Fee ($100 USD)
  • Parent Statement
  • School Report Form and School Records
  • Current Teacher Recommendation
  • TOEFL test score
  • Student Interview
  • Demonstration in the Arts

Learning Support

ECA provides support for the learning needs of all students. Our Student Assistance Team (SAT) provides support to assist student learning and academic growth. As needed, the team will develop tiered responses in a support action plan, coordinate accommodations, provide ongoing case assessment, and serve as liaisons between outside professionals, sending schools, and ECA. All of this entails direct communication with families and teachers.

Admission Decisions:
An applicant's file must be complete mid-January. The Admission Office will notify families of decisions in early March.

Admission to ECA is competitive. We will not be able to offer places to all students who apply. If we do not offer admission to a student, it will be either because we do not feel our program is a good fit for the child, or because we do not have enough spaces in the class to accommodate all of our qualified applicants. Applicants may request to be placed o a wait list, but we also encourage families to apply again for a future admission year.

International Tuition Payment:
Upon notification of acceptance, parents must confirm their child's decision to enroll with a signed enrollment contract and a non-refundable deposit equal to 20% of annual tuition. If payment is not made by the due date, we will offer the applicant's space to a student on the waiting list. The final payment of tuition is due on June 1.

Recognizing that ECA incurs the majority of its expenses and obligations on an annual basis, if a family decides to cancel a student's enrollment, they must do so in writing according to the schedule below to be eligible for a refund:
Withdrawal request received prior to July 1……………………refund 40% of tuition
Withdrawal request received prior to November 1………… …refund 20% of tuition
Written notice of the decision to withdraw a student must be sent to the Director's Office - prior to the deadlines noted - in order to be considered for a refund. Parents should read the terms of the enrollment contract carefully as signing it indicates acceptance of these payment and refund requirements. Refunded tuition requires processing of 7-10 business days.

Late Applications:
All elements of the application must be completed by the stated deadline to be considered in our first round of decisions. We will review late applications from international students on a rolling basis, starting in April, if spaces are still available.

Admission Deferral:
Admission acceptances are granted for a specific year of entry, and are not transferable to a subsequent year. The Admissions Office can receive requests to defer an acceptance for one year only if space becomes available, and if the family provides updated school documentation. However, ECA cannot guarantee such deferral. After more than one year, a student will have to re-apply. A formal written request must be sent to the Admissions Office to be considered for a one-year deferral of admission.


All components of the application must be completed on time to be considered. Applications completed after our stated deadlines will be considered on our wait list if spaces are not available, and will be reviewed any time a slot opens

While we appreciate the desire of applicant families to express gratitude for our work in the Admission Office, it is important that we keep our decision making process free from perceptions of impropriety or inappropriate influence. In order to preserve the integrity of our admission process, members of the ECA admissions team or faculty will not accept any monetary and/or in-kind gifts, regardless of perceived value, at anytime before, during or after the admissions process from any parent, friend, relative or person associated with a candidate for admission to the Academy. Contributions to the school throughout one's time of enrollment or following graduation is accepted through the appropriate channels and processes of contributory gifts.