Drawing of The Little TheaterThe ECA Experience

Throughout the ECA Experience, our educational practices help students deepen essential skills in critical reasoning, research capabilities, and ultimately original thought and action. The cultural and experiential learning trips in which our international students participate in are opportunities designed to connect and expand their learning and personal development.

The ECA faculty is widely diverse and richly experienced. Our teachers involve students in engaging activities in the classroom during the school day and provide support through real-world experience, extending programming and relevance after regular school hours. Our faculty are all involved in the ECA Experience, developing deeper bonds with students as they explore common interests and work side by side with professional mentors.

Creative Writing

  • Personal Memoir
  • Journalism
  • Narrative
  • Publication
  • Composition
  • Literary Magazine

Visual Arts

  • 2-Dimensional Sketch
  • 3-Dimensional Sketch
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Black and White Photo
  • Digital Photography
  • Film Production
  • Printmaking
  • Portfolio for College


  • Modern Dance
  • Technique
  • Choreography
  • Ballet
  • Senior Repertory
  • Master Classes
  • Company Performance


  • Boys Choir
  • Girls Choir
  • Advanced Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Jazz
  • Instrument Sectionals
  • Harmony and Composition
  • Music Theory
  • Audio Production


  • Foundational acting
  • Advanced Acting
  • Voice and Speech
  • Improvisation
  • Mask
  • Production-Performance
  • Technical Production

English Literature
Humanities/Social Sciences
P.E. and Health