Deadline 11/10/17

Attention All,

We have the following below of off-lease 2017 computers, if you are interested please respond ASAP.

 All computers have been wiped and set back to factory image, and all located at one location in CT if viewing is needed (date tbd).

  • 17   HP ProOne 400 G1 AiO non-touch 19.5” screen
    Windows 8.1 pro, i3-4130T 2.9, 4 GB ram, 500GB SATA drive
  • 42   HP ProOne 400 G1 AiO touch 21.5” screen
    Windows 8.1 pro, i5-4570 3.2, 4GB ram, 500GB SATA drive
  • 58   HP Pro 4300 AiO 20” screen non-touch
    Windows 7 home, i3-3220 3.3, 4GB ram, 500GB SATA drive
  • 85   HP ProBook 640 G1 14” screen
    Windows 7 pro, i3-3120m 2.5, 4GB ram, 320GB SATA drive
  • 67   HP 3125 laptop 11.6” screen
    Windows 7 home, AMD E2-2000 1.75, 2GB ram, 320GB drive

Questions asked so far:

Q:  Do all of the units come with AC adapters? When is the bid due date?

A:  Yes, ac adapters included.  11/10/17 is the due date.

Q:   Do you have pictures of the lots and any condition notes?  When do you need the bid by?

A:   We do not have pictures, all of them are in working condition, and no cracked screens.  The deadline is 11/10/17.

Q:   Is this equipment still available?

A:   Yes, still available.