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Career Development and Transition for Multi-Challenged Adults

The mission of ACES Adult Career & Community Empowerement Support Services (ACCESS),is to empower individuals with disabilities to become contributing members of their community. The program is located in the greater New Haven county. As an extension of ACES commitment to serving the needs of students with special needs, ACES ACCESS supports the career development and transition for a multi-challenged adult population (age 21 and older). The concept of continuous adult learning and life planning allows for choices from a menu of quality vocational and recreational/ volunteer services. ACES ACCESS is approved to offer Transition Services. ACCESS is a 12 month program.

All individuals have unique life experiences, dreams and expectations. The staff in the ACES ACCESS Department recognize their responsibility to act in partnership with the individual and his/her support team in order to develop support plans based on each individual’s vision, goals, needs and interests. The consumer plays an integral role in driving the service delivery system to continually update and improve services. Consumers participate on committees, staff interview process, orientation of new staff and peers, and on improvement teams. A holistic team approach is utilized.

There are two main components of the ACCESS program; Employment, & Day Support Option.

Employment Option:

This is divided into 2 different sections; one focusing on individuals that work in a group, while the other focuses on individuals who seek or have their own jobs.

Group Support assists the individual in sustaining employment in the community with continuous on-site support given by a Job Coach. The individual works in a group setting with other program clients and company employees. This model also assists Individuals who have the desire and skillset, to prepare for competitive employment.  Transportation is provided to participants in the GSE program. 

Individualized Employment Support assists the individual in securing and sustaining competitive employment in the community.   The level & type of support provided are based upon individual need.                                 

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Day Support Option (DSO)

The goal of the DSO program is to strengthen consumers involvement in their community through voulunteer and recreational activities. When not in the community, the curriculum will focus on enhancing the consumers involvement in their community by offering activities that promote life skills and recreational activities of choice. DSO provides opportunities for consumers to develop positive social interactions, and be contributing members of society.

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Comprehensive Situational Assessments at community employment sites determine the individual's work abilities, interests and dislikes, and stamina. The assessment also identifies the level of support needed for the individual to be successful. This service facilitates appropriate career development. Mobility Training and Transportation services are offered on a case by case basis. ........move this paragrapg to GSE link