Individuals in the Group Supported Employment (GSE) program receive continuous onsite support from a staff at community based job site. The program also provides training to consumers who seek and have the skills for competitve employment. A comprehensive Situational Assessments at  a community employment site determines the individual's work abilities, interests and dislikes, and stamina. The assessment also identifies the level of support needed for the individual to be successful. This service facilitates appropriate career development.

Consumers in the GSE program receive minimum wage, or sub minimum wage for the work they do. Types of jobs available range from fine motor to gross motor. For consumers with an artistic flair, Designs By ACCESS (DBA) provides opportunities to create customized pieces for customers to cherish for a long time.

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A number of consumers in GSE work on the lawn care crew. They are tasked with maintaining the lawns of the customers. This entrepeneurial project was started in 2014 to harness the interests and skills of consumers who had been a part of the Gardening for life grant.