Program Summary

ACES Arts & Culture Interact is a year-long program designed to expose 660 students from Thomas Edison Middle School (TEMS), Mill Road School, Village School, Whitney High School East/West and Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) to the arts and cultures of Asian, African, and South American nations.

The ACES Arts & Culture Interact program represents a unique opportunity for special education students and general education students to participate in collaborative arts and cultural learning opportunities while promoting teamwork and understanding of diverse populations.

The program consists of three components:

  1. Year-long Arts Exchange: for middle school students at TEMS, Mill Road and Village Schools.  Students will be brought together three times and participate in workshops led by Mikata (African Drumming and Dancing), Rachna Agrawal (Indian Dance) and Motoko (Storytelling and Origami Dimensions).


  2. Therapeutic Arts Residency: a two day therapeutic arts residency for Whitney High School East/West students, featuring performing artists Mikata (African Drumming and Dancing) and Rachna Agrawal (Indian Dance). 


  3. Intensive Arts Residency: for dance students at ECA. Two groups of twenty-five dance students will have the opportunity to participate in a three day Indian Dance intensive, led by Rachna Agrawal.  A culminating performance featuring both groups will be presented at the conclusion of the residency.


For further information about the ACES Arts & Culture Interact program, contact Barbara Green, Program Coordinator, or 203.498.6848.