WELL Summer 2016 Newsletter

Grades 4-6: WELL is a fun and rewarding program for children to learn new language skills, expand their cultural diversity and strengthen their global awareness. Children gain respect for and understanding of people from diverse racial, ethnic and socio-economic groups. The program offers three tracks of instruction: Chinese; Spanish; and English Learning. Non-ELs are given the choice between Chinese or Spanish instruction. In addition to language instruction, students from all three tracks work collaboratively on projects to reinforce newly acquired knowledge, enhance their social skills, and help them gain new perspectives on cultural diversity. The program is held as a two-week summer camp. Connections with the ACES ARCTELL program allow Elementary and World Language teachers to team-teach with TESOL certified teachers to make language learning fun, as core competencies are strengthened.

Participating districts: ACES, Bethany, Branford, East Haven, Hamden, New Haven, North Haven, Orange, Wallingford, West Haven and Woodbridge.   

Contact: Barbara Green 203.498.6848 / bgreen@aces.org.