If submitting your application online, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Fully complete the Application for Admissions.  This includes contact information, a short essay, and permission to release school records.
  2. Please contact your School Guidance Counselor and a Teacher to complete recommendation forms for you.

Instructions for School Guidance Counselors & Teachers:

  1. If you are a School Guidance Counselor, please submit the Student Recommendation Form - Counselor.
    School Counselor Recommendation for Download
  2. If you are a Teacher, please submit the Student Recommendation Form - Teacher.
    Teacher Recommendation for Download

Start Your Application Process now by downloading the application or by filling out the Application for Admission online!

Letters will be mailed and an email will be sent notifying you of the date and time of your review.

Prepare for your Review by clicking on the department link found below.


ACES ECA Application for Admission online

ACES ECA Application Steps


ACES ECA Recommendation from Counselor Online

ACES ECA Recommendation from School Counselor for Download

ACES ECA Recommendation From Teacher Online

ACES ECA Recommendation From Teacher for Download

ACES ECA Shadow Visit Form

ACES ECA Brochure

To view each department's requirements for your upcoming Review please click on the links below:

ECA Creative Writing Review

ECA Dance Review

ECA Music Review


ECA Visual Arts Review