The International Silat Federation of Indonesia & America is dedicated to sharing the arts, culture, and traditional dances, music, and theater of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, Indonesia. The movement arts of the Minangkabau, “Silat Tuo Minang” refer to a holistic and comprehensive system of martial arts and self defense. The fluidity, grace, and balance within the movements lend themselves to other forms of movement. Silat Tuo Minang is closely connected to the traditional dances (Tari) and theater (Randai) of the region, all of which are often performed at cultural ceremonies and celebrations, like the celebration of the harvest, to the accompaniment of traditional Minang music (Gamelan).

On the day of their visit, the ISFI/A provided an edu-cultural class to ECA Dance students which included an introductions to the geography and history of Indonesia, as well as introductions to its cultures of Indonesian people. The Minang are known for their unique cultural heritage, including their dress, headwear, architecture, and of course, their traditional movements, Silat Tuo Minang. Students experienced an introduction to basic stepping and hand movements of Silat Tuo Minang.

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International Silat Federation of America & Indonesia at ECA