April 2016 ECA Student Delegates Prepare for China! 

ECA students will travel to China in April of 2016 to immerse themselves in the culture and connect to their peers of ECA’s sister schools of the arts in Beijing, Ningbo, and Shanghai. Their preparation begins in the Fall of 2015 during the school year and will highlight important areas of global citizenry and international awareness in order to support a successful study-performance tour abroad. In July of 2015, ECA hosted the arrival of our sister school from Shanghai.

ECA student delegates hear from Annie Lin, Senior Program Officer for the Arts at Yale-China Association. Ms. Lin presented a series of photographs taken in a village depicting the process of making tofu. The discussion blended analysis of the artistic elements within the photographs, the story line, and the photographer’s subject. This was a well-planned transition to introduce a day in the life of the businessman in this small village and the discussion’s evolution about the small villages in China that are being diminished as more and more of the country’s populace pursue life in and around the major cities.

ECA students going abroad participate in a preparatory curriculum and an inquiry-based program that identifies areas of preparation and global perspectives that coincide with their trip and their responsibility to be contributing members of a global society. Future sister school programs include collaboration in Japan, Germany, and Spain.