Theatre Department

The ECA Theatre Department provides advanced level, pre-professional training under the tutelage of practicing professional theatre artists. The curriculum models that of a college conservatory training program whereby students:

  • study established and emerging methods and techniques in the areas of acting, movement, and voice and speech;

  • survey notable plays, playwrights, and styles throughout history, honing their skills of analysis and criticism;

  • explore playwriting, stage management, directing, technical theatre and design;

  • develop and create original work including theatre for social change; and

  • engage in workshops led by prominent master teaching artists.    

The Theatre department strives to bring the finest work to the stage, all the while with a committed respect of the artistic process, and a strong emphasis on collaboration and ensemble work. As a result, students acquire knowledge and develop communication skills that will prepare them for post-secondary and professional careers.  Students’ lives are enriched by the study, performance and appreciation of theatre within a diverse learning environment.

Music Department

The ECA Music Department offers high school musicians immersion in a rigorous, comprehensive music curriculum, that includes academic coursework in multiple levels of music theory, musicianship, composition, and instrumental/vocal technique, as well as experience in both small and large performing ensembles whose repertoire spans numerous genres and styles.  ECA’s unique focus on collaborative work between young musicians and practicing artists establishes a pre-professional environment that requires focus, commitment, and responsibility, and nurtures the development of technical skill and artistry.  The ECA program is enlarged and infused by partnerships with arts organizations, visiting artist programs, and performance opportunities, as well as collaborative projects with students and artists of other artistic disciplines at ECA.

Visual Arts Department

The ECA Visual Arts Department offers students the opportunity to work with professional artists in a studio setting. Twenty-seven foundation and special topics courses are offered each year in a variety of media, including sculpture, printmaking, video, darkroom photography, digital photography, painting and drawing. The art department constantly cultivates the exchange of creative ideas with critiques, lectures, gallery and museum trips and visiting guest artists. Art students expand their visual communication vocabulary, critical thinking and problem solving skills, independent initiative, and craftsmanship and technical abilities, while making personally expressive artwork.

Dance Department

The ECA Dance Department offers high school students rigorous, comprehensive dance training from the three perspectives of creator, performer, and critical observer. In a diverse learning environment, students gain a strong foundation in classical and contemporary dance techniques. Our particular concentration on choreography encourages students to develop an individual artistic voice. Practicing professional artists make up the permanent faculty and visiting guest artists provide further enrichment to students in contemporary, historical and world dance forms. 

Creative Writing Department

The ECA writers learn to create work in a range of literary genres, including poetry, fiction, memoir, humor, and playwriting. Because serious writers are serious readers, students also learn how to read as writers do – gaining an understanding not only of what literary works mean but of how they were made. Literature studied in the department is primarily contemporary and representative of diverse cultures.

Classes are taught by professional writers recognized in their fields. They support students in their undertaking of the creative process, from first draft to final polished product.  Students also benefit from the feedback of fellow students in the context of ongoing writers’ workshops.