A Steering Committee was established to allow the partners to be integrally involved with the operation of the school program and to serve as a communications vehicle.
  1.  Responsibilities:

    1. The Steering Committee, working with the School Principal, will

      • Approve staffing patterns

      • Recommend approval of the annual budget/pupil tuition to the ACES Board

      • Approve major curriculum change

      • Review student and program assessment data

No action will be taken by the ACES Governing Board related to Thomas Edison Middle School unless the recommendation has been reviewed and approved by the Steering Committee.

  1. Membership

    1. Voting Members

  • Three Board of Education Members, one (1) from each school district, selected annually by the Board of Education.

  • Two(2) Superintendents of Schools of their designees

    • The Meriden Superintendent shall continually serve in recognition of Meriden’s ownership of the building.

    • The other two Superintendents shall annually select one of the number to serve.

  • Executive Director of ACES

    1. Non-Voting Members

      • Three(3) Parents and (3) alternates

One(1) from each district for a one year term.

The TEMS parent group, Families as Partners, will choose the parent representatives and alternates, with parents from each partner selecting their own representatives.

  1.  Steering Committee Operations

The Steering Committee shall meet at least three times during the July 1 – June 30 fiscal year period.  Committee members shall annually elect a Chairperson who shall preside over the meeting.  A quorum, defined as a majority of the voting members, is necessary to vote on issues that come before the Steering Committee.  Operating procedures will follow Roberts Rules of Order.  Decisions will be made by voting.   A simple majority of those voting members present is needed to pass a motion.   Minutes will be kept.


2015-2016 Steering Committee Members and email contact information:

Mark, Benigni, Meriden Superintendent of Schools – mark.benigni@meridenk12.org

Patricia Charles, Middletown Superintendent of Schools – charlesp@mpsct.org

Shawn Parkhurst – sparkhurst@wallingford.k12.ct.us

Dr. Thomas Danehy, ACES Executive Director – tdanehy@aces.org

Erika Forte, ACES Assistant Executive Director – eforte@aces.org

Karen Habegger, Principal of Thomas Edison Middle School – khabegger@aces.org

Barbara Haeffner, Meriden Director of Curriculum and Instructional Technology – barbara.haeffner@meridenk12.org

Norman Hicks, Region 13 Board of Education Member and ACES Governing Board Member – nhicks@rsd13.org

Enza Macri, Middletown Assistant Superintendent of Schools – macrie@mpsct.org

Cheryl McClellan, Middletown Board of Education Member – mcclellanc@mpsct.org

Dr. Salvatore F. Menzo, Wallingford Superintendent of Schools – smenzo@wallingford.k12.ct.us

Megan Conatser, Assistant Principal of Thomas Edison Middle School – mconatster@aces.org

Todd Solli, Assistant Principal of Thomas Edison Middle School – tsolli@aces.org

Dr. Kathryn Y. Veronesi, Region 13 Superintendent – kveronesi@rsd13.org

Elaine Sein - esein@aces.org 

Linda Reynolds - lreynolds@wallingford.k12.ct.us 

Susan Moore - susan.moore@meridenk12.org