TEMS Science classroom laboratories encourage inquiry based learning; thinking critically in order to problem solve through inquiry based learning within cooperative learning groups, hands-on laboratory investigations, independent work assignments and application of technology.  The Science department uses STEM Scopes, an online interactive learning platform, rather than a traditional textbook. 

TEMS Science Teachers

6th 7th 8th
Team 6-1:  Mr. Crawford Team 7-1:  Ms. Anker Team 8-1:  Ms. Tangney
Team 6-2:  Mrs. Rolston    
Team 6-3: Mrs. Sarenas Team 7-2:   Mrs. Everett-Cacopardo Team 8-2: Mrs. Creem

STEM Coordinator: Mrs. Caitlin Lombardi 


TEMS Science Curriculum

New updated curriculum aligned with NGSS coming soon.