8th Grade Trip to Washington, DC

April 19-21, 2017

Our Trip is being organized by Nations Classroom. Everything is done online.  Please do not send forms or payments to TEMS, we cannot accept them.   Here's the website to learn more  Nations Classroom


DC Parent Letter p1                                 DC Formas p.1 Espanol                               

DC Parent Letter p2                                DC Formas p. 2 Espanol 



The trip is currently filled to capacity.

Nations Classroom has provided us with a Hands On Learning Letter you can send to family and friends asking them to help support your DC trip.  Any funds donated should be collected by the parent and then applied to the Nations Classroom account.  Download the letter here. 

2017 NC Hands On Learning Letter 

Fundraising Opportunities 2016-2017 School Year

Current Fundraiser: Braided Pastry



Grade Levels

% Earned


Lyman Orchards Pie/Cookies


40% of profit goes towards DC




50% of profit goes towards DC



Mixed Bags Fundraiser


50% of brochure sales goes towards DC

40% of online sales goes towards DC


Braided Pastry/Cookie Dough


40% of profit goes towards DC

The Braided Pastry and Cookie Dough sale is taking place Feb. 3rd to Feb. 17th.  40% of the proceeds will go to the 8th grade Washington D.C. trip.  If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Hulse, vhulse@aces.org.  Thank you.

Please feel free to contact Caitlin Lombardi clombardi@aces.org or Vicki Hulse vhulse@aces.org if you have any questions.