The Internal Occupational Therapy Department provides services to the following ACES schools: Mill Road School, Village School, Whitney High School East/West and Whitney High School North.

The Occupational Therapy staff is licensed by the state of Connecticut and registered nationally. Staff adhere to the standards for occupational therapy programs which are programs related to an educational model. Goals and objectives are aligned with the curriculum.

Delivery Service

Therapy services may direct or indirect, within the classroom, therapy room or community. Services also may include screenings, assessment/reassessment, team collaboration, monitoring, consultation, in-servicing of classroom staff/parents, standardized evaluations, parent conferences, planning and placement team meetings. Areas of focus may include any or all of the following: fine motor skills, visual motor/perceptual skills, sensory function, activities of daily living skills (eating, drinking, hygiene, undressing/dressing), functional community skills (i.e. money management, safety in the community, purchasing items, etc.), handwriting assessment, mobility, upper extremity strength, endurance, range of motion, low tech adaptive equipment, vocational skills, home programs/home visits when requested by parent/guardian, positioning, and general adaptive equipment (feeding, classroom chairs, wheelchairs).