The physical therapy department within the internal ACES programs provides services to Village School, Whitney High East, Whitney High West, Whitney High North and Mill Road School. There are currently 5 full time and 2 part time therapists. The therapists work closely with the classroom staff and other team members to promote the highest level of function possible for each student while he/she pursues his/her educational goals. These goals are determined by the student’s individualized educational program (IEP) through the PPT process. The student’s physician must also provide a prescription for physical therapy services.

The Focus of Physical Therapy Services include:

  • Assisting the student in acquiring the functional abilities needed to utilize educational materials and participate in classroom activities and typical educational routines.

  • Incorporating strategies to maximize each student’s physical capabilities within the classroom by working with classroom personnel.

  • Providing ongoing evaluation and adaptation of student equipment to improve the student’s functional skills in the classroom, restroom, lunchroom or work area.

  • Assisting students to develop and use safe mobility techniques to mobility within the educational environment, including activities outside the classroom; i.e. playground, community experiences.

Delivery Service

Therapy is best given in small groups so that classroom staff can participate and learn how to integrate therapeutic activities throughout the day. This model also provides peer role models and provides motivation for many students.

  • The therapy staff is an integral part of the school day, assisting with transportation, feeding and activities of daily living.

  • We have developed our Aquatherapy Program to provide an alternate mode of therapy for relaxation, pain relief and assisted exercise.

  • The physical therapy staff works closely with ACES assistive technology staff in providing customized equipment to improve functional abilities.

  • Body mechanics and “lifting” in-services are provided to program staff annually. These in-services are specific to the needs of their student populations.

  • Professional growth is addressed through ongoing meetings, workshops concerning current treatment approaches, and through serving as a clinical education site for physical therapy students from area universities.