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The “Linda’s Learners” website is designed to provide parents of students with blindness or visual impairment links to resources, information, and articles related to visual disabilities. Bi-monthly postings will be made, which can be accessed by clicking on the link. This website is not intended to be an endorsement of organizations or a complete representation of resources.

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About Linda Steller

Linda Steller graduated with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Special Education of Students with Visual Impairments and Elementary Education from Kutztown University and a Master of Arts degree in Blind Rehabilitation from Western Michigan University. Linda has taught students with visual disabilities for over 30 years and has served students with visual impairments residing in Milford and West Haven for the past 17 years. Linda is a longstanding member of AERBVI (Association for the Education of the Blind and Visually Impaired) and CATVI (CT Association of Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments) and the recipient of the 2009 Northeast Chapter of AERBVI Award of Excellence Direct Service to Children with Visual Impairment. Contact: