The Academy 2 team is made up of 7th and 8th graders. The classroom teachers on the team are Ms. Christensen, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Ludden and Ms. Bickel. The team social worker is Ms. Burke. Together, with their incredible teacher assistants and behavior staff, they strive to make every day at Mill Road a fun, productive and positive one!

Each classroom teacher has a language arts group. In language arts students read fiction and informational texts, including newspapers and Time for Kids. They practice writing informative essays, narrative essays and arguments. The focus is on critical thinking and the Common Core standards. In practicing their reading and writing skills, students engage in discourse, hands-on activities and the use of technology to present their ideas. Students use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint to publish and present their work. Most Academy 2 students participate as reading buddies with primary students.

Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Ludden teach math for the team. Math classes are small so that students can increase their skills- whether a review of basic math skills or pre-algebra. A variety of activities allow students to increase their math skills, become comfortable with technology and meet the Common Core standards. Most students use Microsoft Excel to create bar graphs.

Ms. Christensen teaches science for the team. Units this year include: force, motion and simple machines; ecosystems and weather and the earth’s atmosphere. In addition to reading and analyzing informational texts, science classes include the use of technology and hands-on projects to increase student learning.

Mrs. Bickel teaches social studies for the team. This year’s curriculum is United States History, from The Constitution to the Civil War. Students review geography, map, and time line skills as well as learn history. Reading and thinking critically is the focus, touching upon how it relates to the world today. In addition to reading and analyzing informational and narrative texts, social studies classes include the use of technology and hands-on projects to increase student learning.

Team social worker, Ms. Burke, and the students are working on improving peer relationships, communication and increasing respect for peers.  Throughout the school year, they will be participating in pet therapy and special reinforcement activities such as cooking and transition groups.

Many field trips are offered on the Academy 2 team, all designed to increase students’ academic knowledge and work on social skills. They include visits out in the community to the North Haven Fair, apple picking and outdoor walks as well as visits to the Peabody Museum, the Yale Art Gallery and much more.

In addition to field trips, students enjoy team sports like basketball, soccer and softball. The talent show and other school-wide events allow students to showcase their talents here at Mill Road.