The Primary III (P3) Team consists of 6 teachers. Each teacher has an assistant. The groupings are as follows:

Mrs. Sheena Nelson            Teacher Assistant is Vicky Gordan  

 Ms. Christine Oxsalidia       Teacher Assistant is Harvey Febles

Mrs. Gina Devers                 Teacher Assistant is Fay Clark          

Mrs. Michelle Blouin             Teacher Assistant is Bill Tripodi

 Mrs. Christen Wenchell       Teacher Assistant is Robert Hudson.

You can reach any of the teachers at @ 203 234-0303.

To reach a teacher by email use the teacher’s first initial, last name and



The Quinnipiac Readers (in disguise as the Nutrition Detectives) came to our classes to talk about good nutrition, and how to make wise food choices. The Readers are students in the Physician’s Assistant Program at Quinnipiac, and have been coming to ACES Mill Road School for many years now. They come weekly at lunchtime to read to our students. In addition, twice a year they host a health fair here at Mill Road. Over the years many nice relationships have been formed between our students and the Q Readers, as we call them.