Individualized Attention for Children with Challenges

When children have special challenges they often perform better in environments with more teachers per student, smaller classes, more developmentally appropriate curriculum, special needs equipment and tools and a staff with specific education degrees to teach special needs children.


Center for Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders

An educational and clinical program serving students ages 11 – 21 with autism spectrum and developmental disorders. CASDD uses the Science-based Approaches to Independence and Life Skills (SAILS) program. Developed at ACES, the SAILS program is based in the science of applied behavior analysis. Staff facilitate student independence through the instruction of academic, community, executive, social, communication, and life skills.

Location: Northford

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Mill Road School

A K-8 school which encompasses two programs: The Mill Road Program and the Urban Youth Elementary Program. The Mill Road Program serves children K-8th grade with serious social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, including students on the autism spectrum. The New Haven Urban Youth Elementary Program, a combined regular K – 5th grade and special education program, serves students with emotional,

educational and social issues in an integrated environment.

Location: North Haven
Grades: K-8

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Village School

consists of three units: Preschool, Early Intensive Behavior Intervention (EIBI) for students on the autism spectrum, and Elementary/Middle School programs. The Preschool Unit includes opportunities for integration with typical peers. ACES Village School provides extensive services to children ages 3-14 with a wide range of abilities and complex needs. Related services include speech, physical and occupational therapies, social services, behavioral services, adaptive physical education, music therapy, art therapy and nursing services.

Location: North Haven
Ages: 3-14

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Whitney High School North

provides a positive, therapeutic, individualized and multifaceted program for high school students with significant behavioral, mental health and learning issues. Students participate in a full academic and vocational program which includes a motivational, behavioral management system. Instructional methods include frequent assessment of student progress and the expanded opportunity for students to receive

remediation. In addition to academics, behavior support and a comprehensive vocational program, ACES Whitney High School North features a Literature to Life program, trips to Washington, D.C., Boston and New York as well as the opportunity to take courses at Gateway Community College.

Location: Hamden
Grades: 9-12

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Whitney High School East / West & CREATE

serves a diverse student population between the ages of 14 and 21. The educational program provides students with all of the necessary supports in order to enhance students’ abilities to develop in the areas of academic course work, vocational/employment, life skills, communication, and social skills. ACES CREATE

(Continued Relevant Education and Transition Experiences) students are 18 to 21 years of age and are developing transitional, life skills and work skills that will assist students in their ability to be successful, independent working adults within their potential.

Location: Hamden
Ages: 14-21
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