The Aces Automotive Department functions as a professional Automotive Repair shop.  Students are introduced to a variety of Automotive Industry practices.  Students develop Automotive portfolios containing samples of their work.  Work samples include reading assignments, safety Rules and Responsibilities, log sheets of interactions with customers/vendors, completed assignments, task sheets for specific repairs and procedures in shop.   Students receive guided practice on functioning Automobiles. Repairs included but not limited to are; vehicle inspections, Lubrication Services – oil change, Tire Services, mounting, balancing and flat repair, brake inspection, pads and rotor replacement.  Technology is incorporated through the use of computers, digital cameras, printers and a variety of internet resources.

    Vocational experiences in Automotive classes focus on core professional practices that are followed in all Vocational classes.  Students are required to participate in all aspects of the Automotive program. This vocational experience is essential in preparing the students for a successful school to work transition.