ACES Assistive Technology Services is an assistive technology program offered by ACES to the local school districts. The program strives to actualize each student’s educational and functional potential.

ACES uses a team-oriented decision making process in the selection, acquisition and use of the assistive device(s). This program complies with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (1990, 1997, 2004) which specifies the consideration and inclusion of assistive technology as an integral part of the student’s Individualized Educational Plan.


  • Examples of assistive technology needs include:

  • Alternative devices; e.g. keyboard, joystick; to enhance computer access for written communication

  • Specialized seating to effectively participate in educational tasks

  • A communication device to supplement impaired speech and language

  • Software to augment educational activities (i.e. reading writing, note taking)

  • A device to enhance mobility within the educational setting

  • Low technology options for reading and handwriting

Types of Assistive Technology Services

ACES Assistive Technology Services focuses on the assessment and application of assistive technology to fully realize the student’s educational capabilities, encompassing the following areas of technology:

  • Control switch selection

  • Computer access and adaptation

  • Positioning and seating

  • Environmental control

  • Augmentative communication

  • Mobility

  • Adaptive physical education devices

  • Transportation safety

  • Accessibility within the educational setting

Available Services

  • Evaluation and needs assessment of the student within the educational setting

  • Assistance with the selection of the assistive device(s)

  • Assisting the team with implementing and integrating the use of the assistive technology within the student’s educational program

  • Education, training, and technical assistance to the student and team

  • Assistance with funding options

Referrals to ACES Assistive Technology Services, for AT Evaluations, Consultations, and/or Training, are accepted from Local Education Agencies. Contact: Carol DaVia at or Vanessa Taragowski at