This is a one day a week program which provides licensed occupational therapists (OTs) or occupational therapist assistants (COTAs) a chance to work in conjunction with, and under supervision of, an experienced school-based occupational therapist within a public school system. This provides a unique opportunity for those OTs or COTAs who may be considering a transition to school based services.


University/College Level Affiliations

Level I - This program provides “job shadowing” opportunities for students beginning their core occupational therapy and physical therapy studies at the University/College level.

Level II – This program is a 2 to 3 month placement through an affiliated University/College, affording a practicum in school based therapy for those students nearing completion of their OT or PT studies. Students are under the daily contact and supervision of the mentoring therapist.



Co-Host for Regional Conferences

ETS co-hosts OT/PT-related seminars with Educational Resources, Inc and provides a local CT location (the ACES Staff Development/ Administration Building) for these seminars.



Early Intervention for Infants and Young Children (0-5): Sensory, Feeding, Behavior” with Randy Fedoruk on Friday-Saturday, Oct 13-14, 2017

This evidence-based course is a two day interactive and dynamic workshop that will provide therapists with valuable information and tools to help address behavioral,
sensory and feeding issues in the birth to five population. The course is designed for therapists at the intermediate level of practice. It will provide an overview of the top-down approach to evaluation and choice of tools to make evidence- based decisions regarding eligibility and treatment. Strategies to improve carry over and implementation of interventions within the home, community and pre-school
setting will be discussed. Through small group discussions, case study presentations and interactive lessons, participants will enhance their clinical decision-making skills.

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Past conferences have included:

"Sensory Integration Intensive" with Jeanetta Burpee

"Feeding Frustrations: Innovative Strategies that Work" with Angela Mansolillo

"Sensory Processing Disorder in Young Children: An Advance Course to Enhance Clinical Reasoning and Intervention" with Marie Anzalone

"Get Ready to Learn: Yoga Therapy in the Classroom" with Anne Buckley-Reen

"Student Transitions during their School Careers: Related Services Roles and Interventions" with Meira Orentlicher

"Praxis: Evaluation and Treatment of the Clumsy Child" with Barbara Connolly