From High Tech Infrastructure to Desktop Support

The ACES Technology Services delivers collaborative, customized, cost effective solutions to meet the technology needs of school districts throughout the ACES region. provides support to districts ranging from highly technical infrastructure issues through desktop support and helpdesk services. We specialize in the K-12 education sector, offering technology support for present and evolving learning initiatives.

What makes ACES Technology Services unique?

With firsthand experience working in school districts, our team has a keen understanding of the unique technology needs of the K-12 education community.  Our team possesses diverse skill sets and strengths to address a wide range of needs.

  • Over 13 years’ experience supporting one-to-one student laptop initiatives
  • Over 6 years’ experience supporting bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives
  • Over a decade providing E-rate equipment planning and deployment
  • Over a decade providing and supporting Power School deployment
  • Over a decade providing technology trend analysis, planning, and action plans
  • Over 2 years’ experience supporting Project Lead the Way
  • For 2 years awarded the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship District Certification

What types of services are available?

  • REGIONAL TECHNOLOGY AND LIBRARY MEDIA COUNCIL: Join us quarterly to share experiences and learn about CSDE initiatives and laws affecting educational technology. Click here to see dates and register.
  • STAFFING: Do you have needs for technology staff? We can help with filling positions (either full-time or part-time) or providing temporary support while you search for technology support staff.
  • END-USERS’ COMPUTING: Chrome books, iPads, laptops, tablets, and desktops: we can help get you up and running quickly.  From unboxing, imaging, to deployment, we have the expertise and resource to get the job done right. We can help with summer computer refreshes and equipment setups. 
  • NETWORK HEALTH & PREVENTATIVE MEASURES & DISASTER RECOVERY: Want to know what’s going on with your network so you can be pro-active and not re-active? We have the right tools to get the job done. We can help you know and document your network.  We can perform network scans and surveys to help you recognize potential concerns.  If you experience an event due to virus or ransomware, we can help you recover. 
  • SCRIPTING: Automation not only makes the work go faster, it increases efficiency, drastically reduces error, and ensures uniformity (e.g., students grade level promotion, group assignment, and new student account creation).
  • DATA MANAGEMENT APPLICATIONS: We can help with your student management system (i.e., Power School) from deployment, implementation, to upgrades, conversion, and management.
  • STORAGE: Need more storage for your offsite backup, fileserver, or graphics lab? Looking to implement a new SAN or upgrade your current SAN, we are at your service: DAS – (Direct Attached Storage), NAS – (Network Attached Storage), SAN – (Storage Area Network), and SSD – (Solid State Disk). We can help you understand why you would choose one service over the other.
  • HELPDESK: Do you need a single entry point for users to request needed IT assistance? We can streamline the process and manage your helpdesk needs.
  • EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY PLANNING: We can help with educational technology trend analysis and action planning.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Network / Infrastructure Evaluation; Network / Infrastructure Planning; On-going Collaboration / Consultation Regarding Technology; Ad Hoc Reporting Services and Assessment Analysis; PowerSchool "Added Value Services"; Connecticut State Department of Education State Reporting Assistance; System Upgrades and Installations; Desktop Support; IT Staffing